About the Dev Bros.

A little bit about the Dev Bros.

Here you can learn a little about the members of Dev Bros.  What makes them tick?  Do they ever sleep?  What is the best flavour ice cream? A: French Vanilla.

The Dev Bros. was founded in 2020 by Graham Cook and Matt Parkin.  The team quickly grew to include Richard Osborn.  They are currently building their debut game Vast; a space exploration and survival epic.

Graham Cook
//Lead  //Code  //Art
I got serious about creating games in 2015 having created small text based games using my father's IBM Monoscreen computer back in the early 90's.  I have always enjoyed being creative and figuring out how things work.

From a young age my love of computer games, boardgames, cardgames has driven me.

My focus is on implementing ideas that drive player engagement.
Matt Parkin
//Art  //Design  //Code
I have been an aritst since I was just 3 years old and was drawn to 3d modeling in high school.

My love of creating something new and never before seen paired with my deep desire to help others led to the creation of The Polygon Pilgrimage; a community centered around free tutorials and helping fellow artists grow.

This is where I met Graham and Rich and we became fast friends and natural partners.

Richard Osborn
//Code  //Design  //Unity Guru
Hi, I'm Rich, and I've been making games in Unity for about five years now. Writing code is like being able to give yourself your own superpowers. Space is such a fascinating subject and I am so grateful and excited to be a part of this project. We have an interesting story to tell and are happily chugging away building the best world in which to tell it. Making games makes me feel like anything is possible, and I want to share that feeling with the people who play my games.