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“What every astronaut shares in common is not gender or ethnic background, but motivation, perseverance, and desire — the desire to participate in a voyage of discovery” – Ellen Ochoa

Vast.  Space is vast in many ways.  In terms of sheer size and volume but also in terms of its mystery and secrets.  Join the International Space Consortium (ISC) on their mission to discover new and incredible planets teeming with the potential for expansion.  As the lead Explorer of the Advanced Recon and Colonization team (ARC) your goals are to survey strange new worlds, uncover their scientific merits, and above all else; survive until help can arrive!


Uncover strange new worlds and uncharted planets as a brave member of 
the Advanced Recon and Colonization (ARC) team. 

Map these new worlds in preperation for upcoming missions and colonists.


Reveal the planet's secrets as you learn about the environment
and traverse this alien terrain. 

Armed with science and tenacity you will find the answers you seek,
and pose even deeper new questions!


Embark on a dangerous journey full of peril and hardship as you fight
to survive long enough to establish a base for future colonists.

Help is coming, but will it arrive in time?

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Research is key!

In space no one can hear a tweet!

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